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celine bag keychain UAB researcher named to prestigious post with President's Council on Fitness, Sports and NutritionUAB professor James Rimmer, Ph.D (submitted photo).-- A UAB professor has been named to the Science Board of the JamesRimmer, Ph.D., a professor in the , is the first researcher who studies the fitness of disabledpeople to be named to the board, according to UAB spokesman Bob Shepard in anews release on Thursday. It isimportant to include people with disabilities in any discussions of health,wellness, fitness and nutrition, according to Rimmer, who holds the LakeshoreFoundation Endowed Chair in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Sciences at UAB. "Ibelieve society is starting to recognize the value that exercise and goodnutrition have on improving the health of every member of society, includingthose with the least access to it," he told Shepard. Onegoal of the science board will be to provide data supporting the importance offitness programs in schools, according to Rimmer. "Overthe last 30 years, we have seen a significant drop in required P.E., and it'simportant that committees like this provide data and support to emphasize therelevance of fitness to people in the U.S," he said. Theresearcher's three-year term with the 13-member panel began on Jan. 1. TheScience Board was formed in 2003 to make sure that "the messages and programsof the Council are scientifically sound," according to the Council's web site. Rimmerhas worked for more than 30 years to create and manage health promotionprograms for people with disabilities, according to his biography at the site. Tolearn more about the President's Council, go to For morenews from Birmingham, go to