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celine handbag Oscars 2014: Expert says Academy can make history, but she's betting on 'Gravity' anyway (audio) Sandra Bullock stars in Gravity, which leads all Oscar nominees with 10 total nominations. (Warner Bros.) owner and Oscar race expert helps us break down the 2013 Oscar race as it grinds to a screeching halt this weekend.Stone confirms the best picture battle remains a little too close to call between "12 Years a Slave," "Gravity" and even "American Hustle," which she says could play spoiler on Sunday. "For the first time in years, I have a big question mark in my head about best picture," Stone says. "What surprises me about the predictions is that no one is predicting 'American Hustle,' and I think it has a really good shot of being the spoiler." She also discusses the Academy's strange preferential balloting system, what films she wishes would win everything and how sometimes voters cast their ballots without even seeing the movies and performances they pick. She says voters would vote blindly because the rewards hardly favor merit anymore, but instead popularity. "After 15 years of this, I've come to realize it means nothing. The Oscars mean nothing," Stone says. "They're just like your homecoming parade in high school. They're just a popularity contest, really. People think that they're about merit, but they're really not. It's about popularity and likability, careers being made and money being made. One tends to be cynical about it. "So given the fact that it's not about merit, and they don't reward the best film of the year, why not make history and allow for once in 86 years of Oscar history, for a film directed by, written by and starring and from the point of view of black artists, let that movie win and do some real change and do some real good for the world. Stone says surprises on Sunday could include Chiwetel Ejiofor winning best actor, "especially if they're not going to give '12 Years a Slave' best picture. And while many are predicting it, Jennifer Lawrence could snag supporting actress from Ejiofor's co-star Lupita Nyong'o. Links: