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celine mini luggage bag Artists truly appreciate being appreciated, and the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ is one way to express that. Of course, the best way is for people to actually buy their art.

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  • Here are the winners of the most recent FCA community balloting. According to Barb Cram, “Winners of the Peoples Choice Award were those with the highest number of votes from the general public that occurred over the duration of the FCA 11th Annual All Member Show.”First Place: Jacqlyn Sickler "Chorus Line" - Multi MediaSecond Place: Rajendra KC - "Plein Air 2" - Watercolor/AcrylicsThird Place: Deb Conn - "Majesty" - WatercolorSee the slideshow. Jacqlyn Sickler’s “Chorus Line” was included in another story titled “Fashion-inspired art.” It is a sculpture hanging on a wall in three parts. For Project Runway aficionados, these pieces would make a great addition, along with the Theresa Stifel fashion figure paintings as shown at FCA. It is no surprise to this reviewer that Rajendra KC - "Plein Air 2" - Watercolor/Acrylics is a winner. His painting just grabs your senses and imagination. It is compelling work. Deb Conn - "Majesty" - Watercolor is just an amazingly fine portrait painting, executed with tremendous skill.